Become the leader you want to be and people want to follow.


What is LEAD Online?

Lead Online is a complete online training course that will empower you LEAD YOURSELF - LEAD YOUR FAMILY - LEAD YOUR TEAM - LEAD YOUR ORGANIZATION better than you ever have before.


How does it work?

By enrolling in LEAD Online you will be able to learn and grow at your own pace, right where you are. Once you enroll, we will send you the link to the entire LEAD Online Program. There, you can access, forty video training courses, along with the application guides for each course. The LEAD Online Program also gives you all forty training courses via audio so that you will be able to listen and learn on the go.


How do I enroll?

LEAD Online never shuts down. There is no start or stop date. All you need to do is click the “Enroll Today” button, fill out the registration form and you will receive an email with full access to the online training platform, forty video and audio sessions, along with the application guides. The cost for permanent to the training platform is only $79. So start your growth journey today.

LEAD ONLINE includes:

Forty Training Videos and Application guides to help you lead like never before.

Ten sessions on LEADING YOURSELF

Ten sessions on LEADING YOUR FAMILY.

Ten sessions on LEADING YOUR TEAM.


Note: Each session has an audio option, so you can learn and grow on the go.

What leaders are saying

“Have you ever reached a time in your career, where you felt like the day to day was just the same routine and had no real purpose? Maybe you feel as though you’ve hit a bottom and can’t get out or maybe you’re just crushing it and you hit a  ceiling you can’t quite breakthrough? Kevin Moore’s course was just what I needed in my business. Kevin took the time to breakdown different parts of my business while being general enough that others in different career fields in the same class got the same message. I tend to fade in and out of my “big why” and Kevin’s class refreshed all those items. From growing my business to keeping my family first, this class was a grand slam for me and I can’t wait to take it again!”

- Adrian Herrera REALTOR® The Anderson Real Estate Group

“Kevin Moore is not only a good friend, but also a major leader in the body of Christ. He is creative, strategic, and a proven leader. The principles he shares are doable and reproducible no matter how big or small your organization may be. I believe his ministry coaching will not only impact this generation but generations to come.”

Jason Laird - Pastor of Sozo Church, San Fransisco

“Kevin Moore is offering some of the best leadership training on the market. Kevin’s communication style is straightforward, fun, passionate, and creative. His deep love for leadership and people make him stand out in a saturated market of leadership trainers. Kevin is gifted at making complex leadership issues simple and actionable. When you invest in LEAD you are making one of the best investments in yourself and your team that you can choose. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.”  

 — Ryan Latham - Corporate Trainer and Author

“As I look back at my development as a student pastor I can say that Kevin Moore has provided me with some of the most valuable wisdom and practical tools that I have utilized and seen work in my ministry. He has decades of experience to offer to anyone who is hungry to reach the next generation. I am fortunate to call him a mentor and friend.”

Brad Cooper - NewSpring Church

Kevin is one of those rare leaders who not only understands the challenges our current culture has placed on the leadership landscape, but who also knows practical solutions that can help leaders from all walks of life most effectively face those challenges! He’s been a tremendous encouragement to me in my own leadership journey and I have no doubt, he will be to you too! Bottom line, Kevin is a leader you need to listen to!

Todd Gongwer - Author of “Lead for God Sake”-Founder of Kardia Transformation Group