Customized training options for you and your team.

Team Training


LEAD - One Day Training

If you want your team to grow, you no longer have to go to the trouble of purchasing conference registrations, plane tickets, and hotel rooms to travel three states away to attend a conference. Through our One Day Training you and your entire team will get a personalized conference experience without even leaving your city.

Click the link below to connect with Kevin and find out how this one day conference will take your team to a whole new level. The cost of the One Day Training is only $400 and is tailored to meet the unique needs of your team members.

Personalized twelve month one on one coaching journey.


LEAD - One Year Coaching

With its weekly 60 minute coaching calls, unlimited texts and a group training weekend at Kevin and Veronica’s home, the Lead-One Year Coaching; will help you go to a new level of personal and organizational growth. The cost of the One Year One on One Coaching is only $650. 

If you click the link below, Kevin would like to offer you a free 30 minute coaching call to help you with an area you want to improve in as well as get to know you, and see how he can best serve you over the course of the next year. 

Two online training options for you and your entire team.