A man, a bench, and a dream.

Today I was in my office thinking about a time several years ago when my family spent the day at Disneyland here in California. What an incredible place to spend the day.  The rides. The workers.  The food.  The landscape. Everything was perfect. Everything was thought thru. Everything was as if they had been planning on us coming and spending some time with them.

I loved everything that I experienced at Disneyland.

With all that being said the most memorable moment of the day for me was at the end of the night when I walked into a room that had a park bench leaning up against the wall.  Above the bench was a plaque that read “The Park Bench from the Griffeth Park Merry-Go-Round in Los Angeles where Walt Disney first dreamed of Disneyland”.


As I stood there looking at the place where everything I had experienced that day was imagined for the very first time, I was profoundly moved.  A man, a bench and a dream made the world a little better place.

Today, why don't we go to a park, find a bench, and begin to dream again.