Lies we tell ourselves: If I had what they have, I would do what they're doing.

"If I had the money they have".

"If I had that stage". 

"If I had that worship team". 

"If I had that staff and a facility like theirs".

"I know they are growing and things are going well for them, but look at all the tools and toys they’ve got! If I had what they have I could do what they are doing".

That mindset is a lie from the pit of hell and it will keep you meandering in mediocrity. The truth is, God is not a respector of persons. He does not love the church down the street or the pastor on the corner any more than he loves you! 

God wants to equip you with everything you need to reach people for his kingdom.

Stop making excuses for why you are not seeing what you want to see happen in your ministry and start making phone calls to ask questions and grow.  

How did you get a facility like that?

How did you grow a worship team that works so well together?

What do you do to train up so many great leaders?

What are the systems you have for follow up and discipleship?

Find out what others have done ... then do what they do!

Let's not lie to ourselves anymore. The statement to make is not, "If I had what they have, I would do what they are doing". The statement to make is,

"If I will do what they have done, I will get what they have received.