Youth Ministry Tip: Think Like a Parent (Part One)

I have been serving in Youth Ministry in one form or another for 24 years. You know one thing I have never had a parent ask me? I have never had a parent ask me "How many kids are in your Youth Group". 

Isn't that odd? 

In a ministry world where the conversation often turns to size, numbers, and how how many are you running, I never remember a parent asking me about the size of the group, number of attendance, or how many are in the room each week. 

Why is that? 

Could it be that parents are more concerned with safety, positive friendships, and spiritual growth of their children than the number of people in the room?

Maybe we as Youth Pastors should think more like a parent.

Maybe we should concentrate on making sure we create a physically and emotionally safe environment for teenagers on a weekly basis. 

Maybe we should create space during our gatherings for teenagers to cultivate authentic relationships with other students and Godly adults. 

Maybe we should put more energy in growing our teenagers spiritually, helping them read and understand the scriptures, live a life of victory, and press on even when they fail. 

Thinking like a parent requires that we spend more time giving teenagers what they need, safety, friendships, and authentic faith, and less time manufacturing what we want, a fun night and a full room. 

When we think like a parent, we might just make disciples. And isn't that what this thing is all about?