INNER CIRCLE Part Two: Four characteristics you desperately need in your inner circle.

I once heard the statement, "As a leader, you teach what you know but reproduce who you are". I think this is not only true for the leader, but for the organization that they lead.  Whatever is in the heart will flow throughout the entire body. Whatever qualities the leadership possesses will naturally flow out into every part of the ministry, church, or organization. 

Get the heart right, and everything else will follow! 

Here are four characteristics you desperately need in your inner circle. 

1. Honesty. 

Relationship is the strength of every organization and trust is the foundation of every relationship. Where there is honesty, there is trust. Where there is trust you can do almost anything! 

2. Humility.

The greatest leaders are those that have mastered the art of serving others. You want your inner circle leaders to walk into every room and every meeting thinking, "How can I help?". Surround yourself with humble people and your organization will quickly rise to the top! 

3. Hunger.

I love being around people that are content, but never satisfied. You need people leading alongside of you that always want to do better, go farther, and serve more faithfully. As humans if we don't stay hungry and keep eating we will eventually die. The same is true for any organization. We need to stay hungry. Keep eating. Keep growing. Keep moving forward, or we will join the piles of thousands of other organizations that became complacent, just before their demise. 

4. Hard Work. 

Dave Ramsey often says, "When you find "Good Luck" it will be wearing work clothes.

Nothing is ever done by thinking. At some point we have to stand up, role up our sleeves and get to work. I will take hard work over talent any day. Through the years I have seen that hard workers keep making a difference long after the talented people have already gone home. 

If your inner circle is full of honesty, humility, hunger, and hard workers ... buckle up because things are going to get really good!