These 10 statements have helped me. Maybe they will help you.

1. If I tell people what they need to hear, in a way they want to hear it, they might just change. 

2. My talent and $1 will get me a cheap cup of coffee. (and I hate coffee) 

3. Mediocrity is accepted it is not created. 

4. I will never accomplish anything by simply thinking about it.

5. People don’t listen to what I say they listen to what I do.

6. If I follow my leader well, others people will follow me. 

7. Money follows vision, not need.

8. I don't need what great people have.  I need to do what great people have done. 

9. I will never get help unless I ask.

10. Honesty, Humility, and Hard Work don't cost me anything, but they will get me everything.