Making statements will not improve your team, but asking questions will. Here are four questions to ask when wanting to build great teams.


I've found that statements like "I need more help", "I have too much to do", or "I can't do this on my own", never changes anything for the better. Statements don't cause change, questions do. 

Here are four questions I ask myself to help build a team .... Why - What - Who - How 

Why ... are we doing this ministry?

It is so important to clearly define why you are doing what you are doing. If people don't know why they are doing something ... they will quickly stop doing it. Give people a cause to role their sleeves up and rally around. 

What ... needs to be done each week?

What are the things that need to be done each week? People need to be greeted.  We need to gather the information of all first time guest so we can follow up with them? Guests need a great worship experience and message that will inspire them to change. 

Because these things are what need to be done; we established a ministry department for each of these items. We wrote up job descriptions for First Impressions Team, Worship Team,  Production Team, Kids Ministry and more. 

It is important to note that we always write up job descriptions before we recruit the workers. God will never give us anything that we are not ready for. We create the ministry and then God will give us people to do the work of the ministry. 

Who ... do I know that I could personally invite to be a part of ministry?

I've found through the years that many high level volunteers are not primarily moved by corporate pushes to volunteer but rather personal invites. So I when I need help, I always ask myself, "Who do I know that would be great to serve in or run this ministry department". Then I set up a coffee meeting, cast the vision of "why", hand them a written job description of "what", and invite them to join the team. 

How ... can we get larger amounts of individuals to volunteer their time? 

One of the best ways to inspire a large group of people to begin to serve in our ministry is:

1 - Inspire them with a message on serving. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. So teach a message on the "why" of your ministry and give them the faith they need to serve. 

2 - Give them an opportunity to respond quickly. In the lobby or online have people sign up to attend a special VIP Banquet to hear about the roles they can play. 

3 - Announce and offer sign ups for at least 3 weeks after your message. This will give more people a chance to sign up, and allow potential attendees to put the date on their calendar. 

4 - Hold the VIP Banquet. Feed Them. Inspire Them. Inform Them. Give them a chance to sign up. 

We have walked this type of corporate serving push many years and always add new members to the team!  If this will work for us, I know it will work for you.