Are you tired of the drama? Four ways to live a drama free life.

I don’t do drama. I just don't. Here are some reasons why:

Drama is waste of my time.
Life is way too short to get tangled up in in a bunch of stuff that is not going to move the ball forward.

Drama causes pain for me and for others. 
There have been times when I’ve put myself in the middle of issues that were not mine and every time I have … it explodes right back in my face.

The other reason I stay out of the DRAMA game is because God is not into drama.

Romans 12:8
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Here are 4 ways I strive to live a drama free life.

I control what I can control.

There are a lot of things in life I can’t control. I cant control what you think of me. I can’t control what you say about me. I can’t control what you facebook about me or how you act toward me.
I can’t control anything about anyone else … but I can control me.

So when it comes to drama, when things don’t go my way, or someone does something that I don’t like, or does something in a way I don’t appreciate … I do what only I can do. I control me.

I look in the mirror because I’m not perfect either.

I am addicted to Soda. If not careful I have a tendency to yell. I’m not the best with money and to be honest I think I can come across as and actually am pretty rude sometimes. I am anything but perfect in fact, I have some real deep seeded issues.

Because of this, it would be pretty hypocritical of me when someone does something they should not do – to sit here and point fingers at people or post some mean stuff on facebook putting someone else “in their place” when I know in my heart that every time I look in the mirror I am looking at someone just as bad and maybe even worse than they are. So looking in the mirror helps me keep my mouth shut and my fingers from typing words I will later regret.

I talk to the person or I talk to no one.

Mathew 18:15
“If another believer sins against you, go privately and point out the offense. If the other person listens and confesses it, you have won that person back.”

Scripture teaches that if I have someone that does something against me (something that ticks me off) it is my job to go to that person privately (not publically – not call them out on facebook or twitter) privately and talk to them about what happened. If they listen – which they probably will because I handled it in the right way – then everything is good.

This is very tough to do, because nobody (including me) likes one on one confrontation. I’m pretty brave driving home in the car replaying in my mind what I would say to that person if “I had the chance".  I can be very brave sitting in front of the computer or grabbing my phone to text an individual that is not sitting right in front of me.

Texting – Facebooking – Twittering in order to tell someone off is the easy thing to do. However, the right thing for me to do, the Godly thing is for me to go personally and talk one on one. 

I keep my problems off my Social Media Walls.

I am a fairly private person. I don’t have very many friends inside of my inner circle. I don’t like for people to know when I’m hurt, ticked or facing some issues, so this isn’t all that hard for me. I just keep my problems off of Facebook and I don’t comment on other peoples “problems” on Facebook or Twitter either. You will never see me involved in a facebook war or argument. It’s not going to happen because I don’t want the drama. 

Now even though I have not always walked these steps out perfectly, I have found that if I Control what only I can control, look in the mirror, talk to the person face to face, and keep my issues off of Facebook, that I can live a pretty drama free life …and I think you will too.