So you want to be a better speaker? This might be the best advice you will ever get!


When it comes to communicating the Gospel, some of the best advice I can give you, is just ...  BE YOURSELF. 

Do me a favor and say your name out loud. For real. Go ahead. On the count of three say your name  - 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 

If you did not say Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Steven Furtick, T.D. Jakes, or Craig Groeschel; then don’t act like them on stage. If you want to be an effective communicator, then you are going to have to be yourself. 

There are some amazing communicators in the Kingdom of God right now. Each and everyone of them have this unique gift that works extremely well. Because of this we naturally want to copy them. We think to ourselves, “If I will simply do what they do, I will be as good as they are and get the responses they get”.

That sounds good, but that thought could not be further from the truth. Steven gets the results Steven gets because he is Steven. Matt gets the response that Matt gets because he is just being Matt Chandler. They are not trying to be someone else. They are just being who they naturally are. The reason these gentleman are such an incredible gift to the body of Christ is because they have taken the gift of who they are and used it where they are to its absolute fullest. 

Listen to me ... you will never be like them! So don’t try! 

Even though those men are incredible, gifted and talented. The adults in your church or the students in your youth ministry don’t really know nor do they care who these other superstars are. However, they do know and care about you! Each week they come to hear you speak. So just be yourself. Embrace the gift and gifting’s that God has placed inside of you and speak life to the people that come to hear you speak every week.

God does not make mistakes. He made you, who you are, placed you where you are, for a purpose, a plan and a person. If that is case, for the city and the Church that God has placed you; you are better than any superstar communicator that you follow. If God wanted them to be the Pastor or Youth Pastor of your Church, then he would have given them to your people. But He didn’t. He gave your people you! So when you stand up every week to speak, just be yourself.

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