A journey through "17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork" by John Maxwell. Chapter One - The Law of Significance.

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I read at least one to two books every month. However, by the end of the book two things normally happen. I don't always retain as much from the book as I would have liked and I don't apply near as much I should from each book that I've read. So instead of going out and buying yet another book.  I've decided to go back and read a book that I read a few years ago. 

The book I'm reading and journaling on is "17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork" by John Maxwell. As I read this book, taking notes, asking myself questions and applying what I'm learning, I will also be posting my notes from each chapter.  I hope you'll pick up a copy of John's book for yourself, journey along with me on this blog, and maybe we can grow together. 

Chapter One - The Law of Significance  

Nothing great or significant can or will ever be done alone. 

It takes a team. I know this. I think everyone knows this. However, the truth is when I read this chapter I was once again reminded that, I need to utilize the people around me more effectively. 

In the book, Maxwell talks about four things that keep leaders from fully engaging and releasing team members, ego, insecurity, naivete, and temperament.

Out of the four these four things the one that gets in the way of me effectively empowering team members around me is my ego. 


We do have an incredible team and I do delegate a lot. However, If I’m brutally honest, in all of the areas that I oversee, there are some that I have not completely released to others, because I think I can do it better in some way. Truth is, I have an inflated sense of who I am and how many things I am able to do with excellence. 

When something comes up that needs to be done, launched, or fixed, my first inclination is … I’ll do it. This not only keeps me overworked and others from finding their place; it makes mediocrity more prevalent because I have my hands on far too many things. 

In order to accomplish the tasked that God has called us to do, this has to change. 

Five questions I'm working through to help me live by the law of significance. 

1. What are the three things that only I can do for my organization?

2. What three goals am I working toward this year 2018?

3. Who do I currently have around me that has the desire and ability to be a part?

4. What am I currently doing that someone around me could do at least 75% as good as I can?

5. What is my game plan to empower and release these initiatives / ministries to them?