3 Things that are keeping you from growing. - Notes from todays Six Minute Seminar


Every Tuesday at 12noon Pacific Time I do a Six Minute Seminar through Facebook Live on my wall. Today we did a session titled - 3 things that will keep you from growing. Here are some written notes from the video training. You can watch the actual Seminar on my facebook wall.....


3 Things that will keep you from growing. 

Do you want to get better? Do you? Do you really want to get better? Do you want to be a better parent - businessman - leader - pastor - speaker? Do you want to get better? 

Today I want to talk to you about 3 things that will stifle your growth and keep you where you are and hold you back from improving. 


Let's say you are a 6′ tall forward in High School that averages 15 points per game for your basketball team in rural small-town America. If all you ever do is compare yourself to the local competition, kids you play in Gym class, the other kids on your team - you are going to be in for a rude awakening when you play against Division I Athletes that are All-Americans from the big city. However, if you consistently study guys that are bigger, faster and stronger than you. It will keep you humble, reveal your weaknesses and help you understand where you need to improve.

The same is true for leadership. If you are a Pastor/Youth Pastor at a slightly above average size church, with a nice website, a few staff members, and a strong offering each week and all you ever do is compare yourself to other leaders with less people, less staff, no web-site, and a small giving base than you are going to feel like you have arrived.

However, just like the Basketball player, you haven’t arrived at all. You are just looking at the wrong people. If instead of looking at Leaders that are the same or below you in certain areas, you would look at leaders with larger congregations, more staff members, multiple church locations, and much larger bank accounts, you would stay humble, see where you are weak and understand the areas that you need to improve in.

Far to many people have a “big fish in a little pond” mentality. When we do, we put a lid on our growth. I firmly believe that what we “see” is what we will “be”. 

Because of this, you and I will never grow past what we are looking at. So make sure that you look at people, organizations, and leaders that are bigger, faster, stronger and more effective than you currently are. When you do, you will stay humble and that humility will allow God to put His grace on everything you do.


We all want to be right.I think it’s just human nature.We want to come up with a great idea, have it be amazing and then get all of the credit.

But the truth of the matter is, there are very few times in life where we as leaders come up with an idea that is absolutely perfect and cannot be improved upon. In fact I would go as far to say that there is NEVER a time in life where our ideas are perfect … everything can get better.

If you and I want to improve in life and leadership we have to be willing to open ourselves and our ideas up for critique. We have to be willing to have people sitting around a table or living life with us that care enough to say … “I think your idea is OK … but what if we did this instead”.

When we don’t do that. When you and I surround ourselves with a bunch of “yes” men or woman who are too afraid, too intimidated, or too apathetic to offer us their honest opinion …. we will never be better than our last idea. And may I be bold enough to say that our last idea … was OK at best.

If you don’t like critique … get used to the level you are at … because that is where you’re going to stay. 



Great leaders never stop asking questions … that is why they never stop growing.I have been around some incredible leaders thru the years, and there is one thing I have noticed about all of them … they ask a ton of questions. There is always someone doing something better than you are.Find them and ask them what they are doing. When you do … you will grow.

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