Is your church dying or healthy? Here are seven ways you can know for sure.


I'm a Pastor. The church that I shepherd is not a mega church, however, we are a growing church. We are a body of believers that takes the great commission very seriously. As we strive to make even more of an impact in our community and the world, I want to make sure that we stay on the right path. I want us to put our energy in the right places, so that we can be healthy enough to continue to bring people to Jesus and help them live like Him for decades to come! 

Over the past 25 years, of serving in pastoral leadership as well as coaching youth pastors and church leaders across America, I've noticed a few things that differentiate a church that is healthy from a church that is on its last breath. 

Here are seven differences between a dying church and healthy church. 

1. Dying churches, remember the good old days.  Healthy churches, change in order to make tomorrow even better. 

2. Dying churches, refuse to look like their community. Healthy churches, serve the needs of the people around them. 

3. Dying churches, have an inward financial focus. Healthy churches, budget in order to make an impact outside of their four walls. 

4. Dying churches, maintain current ministries. Healthy churches, release people to fulfill the great commission. 

5. Dying churches, keep current members happy.  Healthy churches, empower members to serve the lost and hurting around them. 

6. Dying churches, rarely pray together. Healthy churches, get on their knees regularly to ask God to shine His light through them. 

7. Dying churches, don't have a clear purpose. Healthy churches, know who they are, why there are here, and where they are going. 

Just like in our physical bodies, staying healthy as a church does not happen on its own. May we as church leaders continue to lead ourselves and our churches in ways that God commands us to in His word. 

Here are a few questions. 

How many of these seven are you on the wrong side of?

Which one or two of these have been your achilles heel in times past? 

Which one of these are you going to start working on right away?

Who do you have on your team that can help you help breath life into the church body again?