Are you running the race alone or is your team running with you?

The race God has called us to run is far to hard to be ran alone, but anything is possible when we run it as a team.  


Today I was working in my home office, when I saw something sitting on my shelf that reminded me the power of "TEAM".

Several years ago when I was the Youth Pastor of Church on the Move in Tulsa, Ok. I got all of my team members around that served alongside at Oneighty. In the meeting I had each one of them come up and I handed them a football. This football had our mission of Reach - Relate - Renew written on one side and our goal reaching 1,000 students written on the other side. 

It was a very powerful moment as each individual came up and I handed them their ball.  As I looked them in the eye, I let them know that the ball (the mission) is now in their hands. They are free to run and carry us across the goal line.  

I still remember the very first Wednesday night service that we reached the goal of 1,000 teenagers attending our worship gathering. It was so amazing to see what God did corporately through Sam, Kristy, Josh, John, James, the interns and all of the volunteer team members that served alongside of them each week.

Application questions:

1 - Who is on your team and what roles do they play?

2 - What is your mission and is that mission clearly defined and know by the team?

3 - What is a medium or long range goal that your entire team is working toward?

4 - What can you do to rally your team around the mission and to run toward the goal?