I admit it, I watch myself on video. Here are four reasons you need to watch yourself too.


Yesterday I posted a blog titled, "Maybe it's not about you?". Today I post a blog admitting that I watch videos of myself speaking. What is going on here? Well, the truth is, it's not about me. That is why I watch my messages every week. 

Every week I have the honor of standing in front of a group of people and delivering a message that is supposed to challenge and inspire change. The message is not about me. The message is not for me. The message is about them, and for their personal, emotional, and spiritual development. That's why I am standing on the stage and that's why I watch videos of myself teaching. I want to discover first hand, if I delivered the content effectively, free of distractions, and rabbit trails. 

What I do as a speaking pastor is so important that I watch myself every week. I think you should watch yourself too. When you do, here are four things to be looking for:

1. Content. 

The goal of the message is to get the point you are trying to make into the hearts and minds of the individuals you are speaking to. The goal is not to make them laugh, cry, or think you are a great speaker. The goal is to deliver the content. 

Here are some questions I ask myself when watching the message I just delivered. 

What was the point of the message

How did I explain the point?

Was it clear and easy to understand?

What action steps did I give the people? 

Where they easy to understand and applicable?

2. Delivery. 

The point of the message is not my voice, body language, or stories. However, in order to get the point across, I have to effectively use my voice, body language, and tell compelling stories. 

Here are questions I ask myself when looking at my delivery. 

Did I use my voice in such a way that it pulled the people listening into what I was saying? Moving my voice up, down, loud, or quiet at the appropriate times? 

Was my body language correct? Did I use the stage? Did I look at the crowd? Did I use my hands, face, and body as a tool to connect the people with what I was saying?

Did my stories move people toward the main point or divert them from it?

3. Distractions. 

Was there anything that happened technically in the room that distracted me or the people during the message that needs to be addressed?

Did I go off on rabbit trails?

Did I divert people from the journey we are on by going to far with humor or story telling?

Did I know the content well enough or did I have to rely on my notes?

4. Time Frame

When coaching leaders and working with people, I always get asked, "How long should I speak?" My answer is, "Only as long as it takes to get the point across". 

To be honest, I feel like I speak a little long. This is something I am constantly working on. 

Here are some questions I ask myself on time frame.

How long was my introduction? Did I need to go that long?

How many stories did I tell? Could I have told less or did I need all of them?

Did I prove the point ant then stop or did a get a bit repetitive? 

What could I do differently next week? 


Here are some application questions:

1 - Do you have the ability to video yourself every week?

2 - What day of the week could you break away and study your message delivery?

3 - Is there another person or two that could join you in watching the message?