Everything we need can be found at The Table.


We all need something. I believe that everything we need can be found at the table.  

Yesterday we started a brand new series at TheCHURCH. We are taking a few weeks to break-down three examples of tables found in the Bible. Our hope is by the end of this journey we will have a clearer image of who God is and how he invites us to interact with Him. 

Week 1 - The Table of Showbread (Bread of the presence) in Exodus 25. 

Week 2 - King David inviting Mephibosheth to his table in 2 Samuel 9 

Week 3 - The table God prepares for us in the presence of our enemies found in the 23 Psalm. 

Yesterday was week one of the series. I taught on the table of Shewbread and what that shows us about who God is and what He desires with us.  I've attached the link to the message, feel free to watch it, share it, and take any ideas that you feel may work for you in your ministry context.

Note - I am giving you permission to steal the content ... lol 

Also ... leave a comment below if you are a Pastor or public speaker, I would love to hear what you are teaching and talking about as well.