Your thoughts, your authority, and you. (A quick note for 20somethings)



Your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become habits.
Your habits develop character.
Your character defines your destiny.

Other than Jesus, I don't know that there's a more powerful word in the English language than “thoughts”.  If you and I want to have a God destiny tomorrow we have to think God thoughts today.


God is good. The way He blesses you is through your authority figures. Think about it. Who gave you life? (Authority) Who hired you? (Authority) Who gives you a promotion? (Authority) Who has ability to give you a raise? (Authority) 

Someone who gives you life, a job, a promotion, and a raise, is not an enemy. They are a friend. 


If the word "thoughts" is one of the greatest words in the English Language. If God blesses you through your authority. There is no more important thing to think properly about than your authority figures. When you think the right thoughts towards your authority, you will do the right things for your authority which then allows God to promote through the authority He has placed in your life.