Answering teenagers toughest questions about God.

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Teenagers have a ton of questions. Many of those questions are geared toward God.

As a church, we should not shy away from those questions but rather, lean into them.

As the Senior Leader of TheCHURCH, I am going to step into these questions and be teaching every week in our student ministry, with the hopes of bringing clarity to a topic that is sometimes very unclear.

Here are the questions we are going toe be answering over the next few weeks.

Week 1 - What do I do when I don't know if I believe in God? 
Week 2 - What do I do when I pray and nothing happens?
Week 3 - What do I do when I don't understand the bible?
Week 4 - What do I do when I'm tempted?
Week 5 - What do I do when I mess up?

I can’t wait to jump into the deep end of these topics with our teenagers. If you are a teaching pastor or a parent, I want to encourage you to tackle these topics with your kids. They are looking for answers, so let’s give them what they are looking for.

If you want to dive into these topics a bit more for yourself, check out a short book that I wrote a few years ago. CLICK HERE