Ten things every church planting team needs to know. (Part 2)

6 - Understand your Ministry is probably not as friendly as you think.

Of course you think your church is friendly. You are a leader in it. Everyone knows you, talks to you, and wants to say Hi to you! But what about the person who is totally new, and doesn’t know anyone? Who greets them?  Who talks with them? Who answers their questions or invites them to grab a bite after the service? Model friendliness, teach friendliness and set up systems where your people and leaders are released to be friendly as well as follow up with newcomers each week. 

7 - Make systems that serve people. Not people that serve systems.

Systems are meant to solve problems for people, but too many times systems are the problem that keep us from reaching more people. Every month take a look at how you are doing, what you are doing and what needs to be changed in order to serve the needs of your greatest asset, people. Never be a slave to your systems. 

8 - Protect the vision at all cost.

The vision is not yours it belongs to God, so protect it. Preach the vision in a way that inspires people. Delegate the vision in a way that releases people. In everything you and your team do each week, stay true to the vision of bringing people to Jesus and helping them live like Him.  

9 - Only do what God has called you and equipped you to do.

You can’t do everything so don’t try. Sometimes we do so many things that we actually don’t do anything well. There is no way, we as a church or you as a leaders can or should do everything all the other churches are doing. It is better to only do 3 things and have them all be great, than do 10 things have them all be mediocre.

10 - The structure that got you where you are may not get you where you need to go. 

If you have a 1400 sq. ft house and you want a 4,000 sq. ft house you are going to have to change your foundational structure. If you have 50 people and you want 500 people then you may have to change your organizational structure. Never change for change sake (that’s stupid) but if you want something in your organization to change, don’t be afraid to change the leadership structure of your organization.