Ten things every church planting team needs to know. (Part 1)

1 - If you are going to offend someone let it be because of the Gospel. 

If you are going to offend someone make sure it is not because of the way they were greeted, treated, talked to or followed up with. If for some reason a person attends your service and leaves offended make sure it is because they did not agree with the Gospel message, not because of the way we presented it.  

2 - Remember that your target audience is the lost - not the found. 

Jesus said that He came to the world to, ”Seek and Save the Lost”. The Church is like Jesus coming into a community. He wants to work thru you and your team to “seek and save the lost”, not “borrow and steal the found”. So make your target market, people that are not already plugged into a church. 

3 - Put emphasis on building a body of believers not filling up a building. 

The Church is not just a 501c3 not profit organization. The Church is not a building. The Church is people. The Church is People that are passionately pursuing and publicly proclaiming Jesus. Your greatest asset in ministry is not your finances. Your greatest asset is not your facility. Your greatest asset is people. So as you work at building the church, use your time, energy, and resources to build and gather your greatest asset. People.  

4 - Be relationally liberal but biblically conservative.

If you want to reach people you are going to have to be in relationship with them. That means if you want to reach lost young people, you and your team are going to have to be in relationship with people that think, act, and believe differently than you do. 

As you are liberal with who you live life with, you have to stay conservative on how you live your life. Be friends with everyone, but as you are friends with them, be sure that you always, believe, teach, and model the principles of Jesus found in the scriptures. 

5 - Give people a chance to become owners of a ministry not members of a club. 

Members have rights but owners have responsibilities. As a Leader in the Church you do not want members of a club. Members are people that pay some money to have the right to sit down and tell other people what needs to be done. Members are people that simply show up and let others do the work for them. As a Leader in the Church you need owners. You need people that are not only financially invested but also physically alongside of you, so together you can do the work of the ministry, bringing people to Jesus.

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