Consuming Christian products or producing Christ followers? (Don't read this if you don't have thick skin).

There is a whole generation of people that think, attending a concert, worship night, or hearing their favorite speaker at a mega church event is being a Christ follower. 

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with any of these things. However, Christ has not called us to simply attend events, He has called us to fully follow Him. 

Jesus did not call us to a concert, He called us to surrender our lives.  

Jesus did not call us to hold a book written by our favorite Pastor. He called us to let go of sin. 

Jesus did not defeat death, hell and the grave, so that we could be entertained. He shed His blood so we would serve others the way He has served us. 

Far too many believers in Jesus today are consuming Christian products, rather than producing Christ followers.

I have been as guilty of this as anyone.

Several years ago, I came to the concussion that I am done.

I am done consuming, I want to produce.

I am done being entertained, I want to serve.

I am done attending, I am going to fully follow Jesus. 

Are you done? 

I hope so. 

Questions to ask today? 

Have I surrendered to Jesus?

How am I doing at loving others?

Where am I serving in the Kingdom of God?