Three things teenagers have to see in you before they trust you.

1 - Authenticity.

Are you real or putting on a show? Teenagers hate to be lied too.  If your private life does not line up with your public persona, you are lying to them. Eventually the truth will come out and they will not trust you. Teenagers have plenty of people in their life that consistently say one then and do another. Don't be one of them!  If you are who you say you are. If you keep your word. Teenagers will love you. 

Teenagers just want you to be yourself. If you are a 34 year old Dad who likes country music, then don't act like a hipster around them. If you are really into sports, then be into sports. If you love reading then talk about the books you read. 

Teenagers are trying to discover who they are. Because of this, anyone who knows who they are and is comfortable in their own skin is very magnetic to a teenager. Just be yourself and they will love you! 

2 - Expertise.

Teenagers are looking for someone who has been down the road a little further than they have. Someone who really knows the Bible and can unpack in a way that is interesting. Someone who totally understands money and isn't afraid to share the secrets they have learned. Someone who has mastered the art of writing, teaching, photography, media and graphic design is someone that a teenager will be want to be around. 

3 - Love. 

Teenagers spell love T-I-M-E. When you take the time to get into a teenagers world, they will begin to get into yours. 

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