If I were a "great leader" I would...

If I were a great leader I would...

1. Start the day off with prayer and study of Gods word. 

2. Spend at least one hour per day studying in order to master my craft. 

3. Workout for one hour per day - 30 cardio and 30 free weights 

4. Have a hobby.

5. Eat healthy. 

6. Put my families needs before my own. 

7. Be less stressed at my home. 

8. Turn my phone completely off by 7pm every night. 

9. Keep a good calendar. 

10. Show up on time for all meetings.

11. Only do what Iā€™m good at and delegate the rest. 

12. Say "yes" less and "no" more often. 

13. Seek to listen, not to be heard. 

14. Not speak about how things are, but how they should be. 

I think I need to make a few changes. How about you?