Four Steps to a Great Service

Set the Stage.

To many times we assume that everyone in the room is already part of the “club” and knows the basics of who we are, what we believe, and what we are getting ready to do. (Sing 3 songs, take up offering, play a cool intro video, listen to a message, pray and dismiss). 

But the truth is many people coming to our service have absolutely no clue of any of these things. Because of this, each week we want to set the stage for everyone in the room. We want to help them understand, who we are, why we are gathering, and what we are getting ready to do for the next 60 minutes or so. 

This could be done by the worship leader, a video, or our service host. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but the important thing is; we never want to take for granted that everyone in the room is already part of the “club”. 

Give Permission.

When you and I go to a persons home for the very first time, we do not know what is acceptable behavior. Do we take off our shoes or leave them on? Do we sit anywhere we want or should we stand till invited to sit down? Do we help ourselves to a glass of water or should we ask permission to get a drink? As a guest in a persons home you are waiting on permission for what to do or not to do. 

The same is true for guest at our church. People who are fairly new to our services, do not know for sure what is acceptable behavior. Do they stand or sit? Do they raise their hands during worship or stand still? Is it OK to say something during the message or should they sit quietly? 

This is very awkward. 

We want to take that awkwardness away by giving them permission to ….
- Follow along during the message by watching the screens and reading the Bible verses. 
- Join in the singing however they feel comfortable – sit – stand – clap or raise their hands
- To ask more questions at our Next Steps Booth or with talk with any of our workers after the service

We need to treat our guest like we would want to be treated when we are visiting another persons home for the very first time. Give them permission to be themselves.

Be Intentional.

When planning out our services we always ask the reason “why”. Why are we doing 3 songs for worship? Why are we doing worship? Why are we having a host come out onto the stage? Why do we need a host? Why are we preaching this particular message this particular week? Why are we doing this video? Why …. well I think you get the point.

We never want to do anything just “because”. We only have 60 to 90 minutes to be the conduit of which God’s love and voice flows thru, so we need to be intentional. 

Give people something to do with what they heard.

When we communicate the word of God we are communicating for CHANGE. We want to inspire people to be wiling to change from who they are to who God desires them to be. So every time we speak we want to give our people simple steps to help them walk out the changes they need to make as parents, children, families, Christ followers, or someone dealing with past hurts. 

Hearing God’s word is good … doing God’s word is even better.