What great advertising will and will not do for your ministry.

Advertising is a great tool to be used by your church and ministry. However, as you build your advertising game-plan keep in mind a few things that advertising will and will not do. 

Great Advertising will not ... 

Change the situation people who attend your ministry venues are living in. 

Win people to Jesus .

Make disciples.

Replace personal relationships.

Make up for lack of quality or content in your gathering. 

Great advertising will … 

Build strong moral in and around your church. 

Create a climate of excitement and growth.

Attract people to your ministry venues.

Shape people’s perception of your ministry.

Two Great ways to advertise for free. 

1. Be great at what you do.

When you are great at what you do, people will talk. When people talk, their friends listen. When their friends listen, they will come check out what you are doing. And then the cycle continues. 

2. Social Media. 

Studies have shown that Americans check their phones more than 150 times per day. You can't get someones attention if they are not looking at you. So put your church, ministry, or idea where people are looking. Put it on their phones. Either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat are on everyones phone. Take advantage of these free platforms and put up great content on a regular basis.