The eight "MUST DO's" of business owners.

1 - Build Smooth Systems

If there is something that you do more than one time, you need to build a system. 

Things work best in systems and programs. Just look at the human body.  Our bodies are full of different systems all of which are working without you or I having to think about them. Our body breaths, pumps blood, divides cells, digests food, all at the same time without us having to work hard to make it happen. 

Each week you and your team strive to complete tasks, sale products, and satisfy the needs of your customers. The only way this takes place is if you set up smooth systems for every area of your business. 

2 - Have 360 degree communication. 

Everything rises and falls on leadership and leadership rises and falls on communication. Communication is a huge key to the success or failure of your business venture. 

You are the one in charge. So that means you are in control of the flow of information in and out of your office. It is your responsibility to make sure that communication easily flows up, down, left and right so that the all the people on your team, and the people your team work with are able to serve the needs of your customers. 

3 - Take a closer look, by asking questions. 

People don’t do what you expect they do what you inspect. 

Asking questions is not micro-managing. Asking questions is good stewardship. 

You take ownership, you lead effectively, by casting good vision, releasing authority, and then following up effectively with the tasks your team has been delegated.  

I read somewhere one time that when you are faithful over the little you will be faithful over much. If you want more influence, more employees, or more money, be faithful with what you already have and you just might get it. 

4 - Pay attention to details.

Its not the big things that will hurt you, its the small details that will kill you.

Here is how you can lead without getting killed by details. 

1. Set a goal. 

2. Establish the steps to completion. 

3. Follow thru until completed. 

4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3. 

5 - Confront Problems Quickly.

One of the worst statements you can ever make as a leader is, “I’ll take care of this problem later”.  I’ve found that if I don’t take care of my problems quickly, my problems quickly take care of me. 

If you want to succeed at anything, you have to become a great problem solver.  

The story of David and Goliath is one of the best problem solving illustrations. 

In the story of David and Goliath we see that David did three things.

1- He acknowledged the problem. 

He saw the 9’ tall problem standing down in the valley. He did not run from it. He did not ignore it. He acknowledged it. 

2 - He looked for the best option on how to solve the problem.

David asked himself, those around him and his authority figures. What should I do?  Should I leave? Should I let someone else fight? If I fight, what am I going to fight with?  He finally came to the conclusion that the best way to handle the problem is for him to fight Goliath and to fight him using a sling shot. 

3 - He handled the problem quickly. 

Once David knew his plan of attack, he ran down the Valley and quickly handled the problem. 

The three things David did are the exact same things you need to do when problems arise:

1 - Acknowledge the Problem.

2 - Look for the best option on how to solve the problem.

3 - Handle the problem the problem quickly. 

You have plenty of confrontation and problems to deal with on a weekly basis.  Because of this, do the best you can, to solve your problems not just quickly, but correctly. 

6 - Have Good Financial Stewardship.

Here are some good questions to ask before spending money.

1- Why do we need this item?

2- Will it help me accomplish my goal?

3- Is there a way to get the same result without spending any money?

4- Have I shopped around for the best price, checking at least different vendors?

5- If I get this item, will it negatively effect other parts of my budget?

7 - Have Strong People Skills.

The greatest asset in every area of your life is people. People work alongside of you. People purchase products. People tell others about their experience.  The more you master the art of connecting with people, the more success you will have. 

Here are six secrets to great people skills

1- Smile 

2 - Look people in the eye.

3 - Seek to hear before being heard.

4 - Ask more questions about them and talk less about yourself. 

5 - Think about how you can serve them, not how they can benefit you. 

6 - Under promise and over deliver. 

8 - Give your heart more than your talent. 

Your talent and $1  will get you a cheap cup of coffee. 

Everyone has talent.  Everyone has a skill set.  Everyone has something they are naturally good at.  But not everyone has heart.  

Your talent and your abilities may have gotten where you are today.  But it will be your character, your integrity, and your hard work that determines where you are in the future. 

If you will take the next six months and lead with your heart, you will go farther than you ever dreamed.