Considering ministry? You need to see this.

For those considering ministry I want you to see this photo. This is a photo of my office, where I have been for the past three hours working on our upcoming teaching series at TheCHURCH. 

If you notice, the office is not fancy. There is no cool philter on the photo. The computer, notebook, and coffee cup have not been perfectly staged to create a more aesthetically pleasing photograph, in order to give the impression that I am way more cooler than I actually am. 

Nope. Just me in my office. Praying. Reading. Studying. 

This is ministry.

Days filled with study, meetings, prayer times, funerals, and counseling sessions. There really is nothing glamorous about it. 

So before you take the plunge to become a minister. I just wanted you to know that ministry is not as cool, as hipster, or as legendary as some depict on Social Media. However, playing your part in bringing people to Jesus, is an incredible way to spend your life.