Lessons Learned from Session One of Breaking 200 Barrier


In my last blog, titled "Maybe the problem is not them", I talked about how, I have no doubt that the the lid on our churches abilities to win more people to Jesus is me. The bad news is, in order to not only get bigger but also better, our church needs a new leader. The good news is, I want to become the leader they need! 

So, yesterday we started an eight week journey with Carey Nieuwhof's "Breaking 200 without breaking you" course. The first lesson was so eye opening! The video session was inspiring and the questions caused us to take a close look at who we really are and what has held us back from being more effective at making more disciples. 

To actually take time to listen, learn reflect, and grow is so needed in my life and ministry right now. So I've decided to blog about what our team and I are learning during this journey. To be honest, writing and sharing this is more about me than you - lol. I guess I want to keep talking about, eternalizing, and sharing the things we discover, so myself and my team can actually begin to change. 

Here are five obstacles that have been blocking our path of reaching more people. 

1 - We have the flow chart of a Super Market but we run the positions like a Mom and Pop Shop. 

2 - Because we are gifted in certain areas, we have not trusted people around us to step up and do what we are good at. This makes us overly busy and keeps others from finding their place. 

3 - The people who "lead" our ministries spend the majority of their time doing the work rather than releasing others to serve. 

4 - We have a culture of compliments and not constructive criticism. This keeps team members from growing personally and makes are ministries mediocre at best.  

5 - As the Senior Pastor I have my hands on way too many things.