Maybe the problem is not "them".


Ok, lets cut through the hype of social media where everything is great, every service is packed, and every person on my team is a #legend. The truth of the matter is, myself and my entire team are working harder than ever before and we are not seeing the results that we would like to see in the lives of people or our church. 

We are almost four and a half years into this church plant thing and sure we can make things sound great by posting quotes like "What started out as a small group gathering in my home has now grown to two locations across two states". Wow! That sounds big. Wow! That sounds exciting. Wow! That sounds like God is moving like never before! But the truth of the matter is our new 5pm Saturday Night Service has not taken off like I thought it would, we have had a bit of a revolving door of team members, money is tight, and I am getting more and more bald everyday because of it. 

Something needs to change and I've come to the conclusion the thing that needs to change just might be ME.

There is one thing that has been the same since TheCHURCH was planted and that is the fact that I have always been the one in charge. I am the Pastor of TheCHURCH. So maybe just maybe, if we are not reaching as many people on the weekend as I would like, if teams are not as efficient as they could be, if we are not seeing disciples raised up at the rate they I had hoped we would, and I am the one in charge, then maybe I am part of the problem. Maybe I need to change! 

TheCHURCH needs a new leader!

So I have decided to become one! This week myself and a few team member are starting Carey Nieuwhof's "Breaking 200 without breaking you" training course. I've never been more humbled, excited, and challenged. 

Today, I don't have 3 points or 2 things that you need to do to improve. In fact, I really don't know why I am sharing this with you today. Maybe it's just good to get it off my chest, or maybe I am hoping there are others out there like me that aren't happy with the status quo and are feeling challenged to change. 

If you are like me, I'd love to hear your story or maybe even connect. There are no strings. I am not after anything other than connecting, growing and learning. So feel free to comment below or email me at