One thing I've not been doing that will destroy my team and our future.


I am a leader with a lot of goals and things I want to accomplish in life. If you are reading this I have no doubt that you are the same way.  

As leaders with strong vision and goals, we typically spend more time trying to get results than we do serving and developing people. I believe Zig Ziglar once said, "It is not our job to build a business, it is our job to build people". 

I like to think that I truly care about people, (I mean I am a Pastor for crying out loud), however, when I look at my schedule, what I talk about, and what I am aiming for, when I'm honest with myself I think I measure results more than I measure how my team members are doing. 

This is something I need to change.

Maybe it's something you need to work on as well. 

Because building people is our primary goal as leaders, might I suggest that we do something we may not have been doing ... slow down and take time to ASSESS how the individuals under our care are really doing. 

I recently finished reading "How successful people lead" by John Maxwell, in it he gives a list of questions that I am going to begin to ask myself before the training meetings that I do with my direct reports. 

Here are some questions to help us assess our team members: 

Where are thy doing incredibly well right now?

Where do they seem to be failing?

What are their blind spots?

What does my intuition tell me is off in their thinking right now?

What is holding them back from reaching or hitting their potential?

Who might be a negative influence in their life?

Where do they do well?

Where do they typically stumble?


I would love to hear from you! Comment below to add any questions you ask yourself about your team on a regular basis.