Do you love what you do?

Thomas Edison was a workaholic.  Every day he went to the office.  He worked on his inventions, had meetings with his team about what they could invent next, and thought of ways he could take what he had already invented and make them even better. 

If ever there was a man that seemed like a workaholic, it was Mr. Thomas Edison. In fact, even on his day off, he would go to the office and work.

One day his wife came to him and said, Thomas you work way to much. You take care of us. You love us. We are in need of nothing, but I fear work is all you do. Everyday you devote yourself to your inventions, even when you don't have to, you go in and work.  Tomorrow is your day off.  Thomas promise me that tomorrow you will do something that is fun, promise me you will do something that makes you smile, promise me that tomorrow you will do something that you love to do.  Promise me.

Thomas Edison, replied to his wife, Hunny you are right.  Tomorrow I will do something that is fun, tomorrow I will do something that makes me smile, tomorrow I will do what I love to do. I promise you that tomorrow, I will go to the office and work on my inventions.

Thomas Edison was one of the most successful men in United States history.  He changed the way we live. He impacted the habits of people.  Thomas Edison made the world a better place.  How?  He did what he loved.  Thomas Edison was passionate about inventing.  He loved what he did and because of it he made an impact on the world. 

Let me ask you this?  What is it that you do?  Are you passionate about it?  Is it fun?  Does it make you smile?  If you had a day that you could do Thomas Edison, is "it" what you would choose to do that day?  

Life is so short and the world is so jacked up.  Why not spend time doing what you are passionate about? Why not devote yourself to your cause (whatever it is).  Why not do what you love.  Who knows, if you do, the world just might be a little better place.