One of the best things you can do to improve as a speaker.

One of the best things you can ever do to improve as a speaker is watch yourself speak. For the past 12 years I have allocated an hour and a half to watch and study the message I delivered that week.  There are five reasons why I think you should do the same. 

1. You see and hear the delivery of your content from the crowds perspective. 

2. You see how you used the stage. 

3. You see how you used your body to engage the crowd.

4. You see your facial features and if they worked. 

5. You see and hear any repetitive patterns of speech or movement that take away from the point or are distracting. 

There are several other things that I've done and do each week to improve at communicating that truths of scripture, but watching my messages is by far one of the best. 

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