We’ve been asking the wrong questions.

There is a major trend in the church world today toward a CEO model of ministry. This mentality has totally changed the way that we evaluate our success as leaders and leadership teams.  

Far too often the pastors performance is measured primarily in numbers of people that attend, numbers of dollars in the bank, and numbers of building projects that have been completed. The higher the number of each of these the more successful the pastor and his team are considered to be. 

Unfortunately how Godly a leader is or the quality of his prayer life, takes a back seat to his ability to keep up with the church down the street, or run the latest church growth strategy.  

Because of this in the past several years we have seen pastor after pastor fall prey to moral failures, money mismanagement, depression, and running themselves so hard they have to resign their church due to emotional and physical breakdowns. 

If we look around the christian and church landscape I think we would all agree that something needs to change. Maybe the change starts in us.  Maybe we need to stop asking the question, “How many am I running” and start asking ourselves, “How am I doing?"

How am I doing in my personal faith in Jesus?

How am I doing loving and serving my spouse?

How am I doing at parenting my children?

How am I doing at making disciples not gathering church attendees?

As a Christian leader, I’m going to start asking different questions to gauge my success. 

I hope you will join me.