How do you know they are ready for promotion?

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Ok, you have a position that needs to be filled in your ministry or organization. You have a handful of people on your team that you could promote to lead the charge in this much needed department, So how do you know who is ready for promotion?

Well there are a lot of variables to look at, however, I think you need to at bare minimum have a leadership filter that you run everyone through to help you know if they are ready to step up and lead.

Here are four attributes that must be found in someone before you promote them.

Here attributes that have cannot be found in someone that you are considering promoting. someone. 
Poorly Tuned Ears 
Lack of Caring

DID YOU NOTICE … skillset is not one of the filters. I know that skillset is important, however, I have found through the years that if someone has the skillset to accomplish task but lacks positive the characteristics, their level of skill is not powerful enough to overcome their lack of character.

When looking to promote, take character over talent, every time.

Sure hope this helps.

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