Five things you can't have on your team.

As leaders, our strength is not found in our facilities, finances, programs, or even our vision. The strength we possess is the people on our teams. People are the ones that run with the vision, initiate programs, increase finances, and fill up facilities. However, because our people are so important, they not only are our greatest strength, they have the potential to be our greatest weakness. If they are not equipped properly, or don’t possess the right qualities, the vision will not move forward, programs will not be initiated, finances will fall short, and facilities will become empty.

No matter the size of your organization, here are five things you can’t have on your team.

1 - Poorly tuned ears.

People on your team need to have the capacity to not only listen, but actually hear what you are saying. Team members need to have their ears tuned into not only your words, but your heart. When team members ears are tuned in, they are able to run with the mission, vision, and values of your organization.

2 - Lack of caring.

What you do is so important. You need people around you, who actually care. Care about each other. Care about the people you’re reaching. Care about doing things right. You can teach them process and protocols. You can model persistence and passion. But at some point they have to decide to care.

3 - Backbiting / Gossip.

If you want to ruin your culture … allow gossip and closed door conversations about others. The, “He said, She said” stuff is an absolute cancer that will divide and overpower the vision you have for your organization.

4 - Small thinking.

Small thinking is not, thinking “details and process”. You need those people on your team for sure. Small thinking is … “Thats not how we’ve done it before”. Small thinking is … “We can’t do that”. You need team members that pull the lid off of what can be done, and dream big dreams.

5 - Pettiness - 

“It’s all about me”. “They put the paper clips in the wrong place”. “She corrected me in a way that I did not like”.

When you have pettiness on your team, you will constantly be putting out fires and working sideways rather than moving your organization forward. This is not only negative for your team, it is distracting and harmful for your team member. Pettiness has to go.

If you have any of these things from anyone on your team here are two tips:

1 - Help that person try and overcome the issues they are struggling with. Meet with them. Discuss the issues openly and directly. Give them a chance to change. Be as patient and long-suffering as you can. Part of your job as a leader is to help people improve and grow. This is a great opportunity for you to do that.

2 - If for whatever reason over time they are not able to check these things at the door.  It might be best for your organization and for them, if you help your team member find a new team to play on.

If you want to help your team be fore effective, excited and efficient at work …